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  • ByDav***
  • Apr 03, 2018
Guys: I've been wanting and waiting to purchase a quality mixer, but they all seemed so expensive, and honestly speaking, based on many of the Amazon reviews, even these expensive standard mixers (e.g., Kitchen Aid etc).  seemed to have a lot of problems with build quality, the gear shafts breaking etc. after a few months of use.   Then I came across this little beauty on Amazon...after doing about a week of research (and watching some sorta hokey but fun YouTube videos of folks using this product), I took the plunge (total cost on Amazon was $189, including shipping and tax).  That's really unbelievable since this also includes all the special beaters and whippers AND a heavy duty blender (which I didn't necessarily need, but it's nice to have and can remain detached) AND a meat grinder (which I always wanted) and pasta maker (these attachments alone cost well over $200 for the "other" mixers and are sold separately).

Well, it's a bit bigger than I imagined, but that's not a problem...they likely need the size to properly encase the motor and all the gears that support the additional attachments. But it is a beauty....It's a race car metallic red which looks great in any kitchen (especially stainless steel LOL), and fits under the shelf without the attachments (they include these really nice fitting covers when the attachments are not in  The base also has four suction cups that keep the mixture secure when it's being used. Again, really nice thoughtful feature.  This machine was designed really well.

I've used the dough hook for bread and it works very well...I don't mix "hard" dough, more like pizza dough, but the dough hook does the job. Excellent.  I've also used the meat grinder attachment and again, it does the job well (like most meat grinders, it handles cold, firm meat better and grinds nicer (I like blending beef and chicken thighs for burgers). The only slight pain is taking apart the meat grinder for proper's messy and you obviously need to be super careful with that mincing blade. But this is not the fault of the design, this is just par for the course when grinding meat in any home grinding machine. I keep all the parts in a Ziploc bag when I'm done since there are a lot of little attachments that are needed when you putting together the blades for grinding). I haven't made the pasta yet, but it seems like it should work fine without any problems.

A few cons here that aren't a big issue for me.  1. Not a hugely well known brand, so I don't know the longevity of this baby. It could have some of the same design issues that the pricier other models have , but at least I'm not paying close to $500 for a mixer with the attachments I need.   2. Like I said, this is a sort of big machine so make sure you have the counter space for will want to display it, it's a beauty.  

So I will report back after I've had a few weeks to use this baby and send it through some additional trials runs. So far, very happy with this purchase.

  • ByBec***
  • Nov 15, 2017
This stand mixer is very nice plus I love the extra functions. My favorite part about it is that it's so easy to use for making pasta. I put 2 -1/4 cups of flour and 4 large eggs in the bowl and it's mixed in a minute or two. Then I feed it into the grinder on top and the noodles come out in the shape of the metal attachment I have on. I put them directly in boiling water for about 4 minutes, add a little tomato sauce, and it's lunch! I can have a plate of homemade pasta ready in about 15 minutes or so. Love that.

It comes with 3 circular metal attachments for different sizes of noodles. It also comes with circular plastic attachments (took a pic so you can see). The mixer comes with several different attachments as well for different types of mixing. It has one just for dough, a regular paddle one, a paddle one with a scraper, and the whisk one. They are very easy to take in and out. The mixer is absolutely amazing - for years I've only done hand mixing so this is incredible to watch how fast it is.

The blender is beautiful (made of thick glass) but it seems to be in an awkward place if you leave it sitting up there while trying to use the other functions. Fortunately, it also comes with a piece that locks in place if you want to take it off completely and use the other functions without it. As a safety mechanism, the machine won't turn on unless the blender is locked on it or you have that alternative piece in place. It is a simple design and for power you just have that knob on the front that goes through 6 different power settings. I got the red one and it's a very nice kind of metallic corvette kind of red. Very happy with purchase and am going to have loads of fun with this thing.

  • ByGra***
  • Nov 15, 2017
This mixer gives you just about everything you would need. It works great as a mixer giving you 6 speeds to choose from along with a pulse option. It also comes with a Glass Blender which takes advantage of the 6 speeds depending on what you are blending. And the meat grinder can be attached in seconds allowing you to grind your meats in different ways depending on which attachments you choose. There are also suction cups on the bottom that will hold it in place depending on the surface you have it on. There are 4 different attachments that can be used with the mixer and what you are making. I hope with this and the attached video it helps in your decision. So far we are very happy with how it is working.

  • ByJin***
  • Nov 15, 2017
I have always wanted a stand mixer, but didn't want to shell out the big bucks for the high end stuff. I found a review for this stand mixer on YouTube, and decided to purchase it with a discount code provided. The first time I set it up, I thought it was DOA as well, but it isn't. People are too impatient and don't try. To use this just as a mixer, you have to cover both the blending and mincing ports with the covers provided. Again, the instructions are minimal at best, but the mixer works! I've made 3 or 4 batches of bread with this and it has shown no signs of slowing down. With the heavier dough, the upper part does jerk a little, but that also happens with the high end stuff. The suction cups hold it down really well, and I've never had the actual unit move while mixing. I've not used the blender or mincing functions yet, but I can't wait to find out, and I'll update my review then.

Cons: The beater attachment doesn't really scrape all the way to the bottom, but again, this happens with the other kinds of mixers.

Can't really think of any other cons. I love the color, the design, and the shape and even though the exterior is made of plastic, I can feel that the interior is well made to last.

Was my money well spent? For the deal I got?! Heck yeah!

  • ByJos***
  • Nov 15, 2017
I have used a hand mixer for years and debated recently to get a combo mixer since it has everything I need for preparing my food. This CHEFTRONIC Stand Mixers SM-1086 is fantastic. I am thrilled at how big it is and all that it is capable of doing. I really like how the attachments can be stored until needed and then they connect quick and easy.

This stand mixer has just about everything you need for mixing, blending and it even makes pasta and grinds meat. There are a lot of pieces included with this set. You get the main device which is a stand mixer, 1 large 5.3 quart stainless steel bowl, 1 clear plastic splash guard, 1 mixing beater, 1 dough hook and 1 balloon whisk. It also comes with a glass blender and sausage grinder/pasta maker.

The mixer and blender has 6 speeds. The blender is also capable of crushing ice and has a pulse speed.

The appliance comes with an instruction manual which explains the different attachments and gives you suggestions such as the don't put over 24 eggs in the mixing bowl for whipped egg whites. My instruction booklet is a little oily since it arrived on top of the grinder pieces. The grinder blades are very well oiled.

Note: You can not use the mixer and the blender at the same time or you may overload the appliance.

  • ByJam***
  • Nov 07, 2017
Very good product for a reasonable price

  • BySun***
  • Nov 07, 2017
I bought it for my mom to give as house warming gift and she loved it.

  • BySus***
  • Nov 07, 2017
This is an astonishing, unique, high tech, all-in-one appliance. In one item you can make all sorts of pasta. You have a mixer with four blades for beating and mixing special effects, such as whipping cream or egg whites and blending dough. You can even grind meat and make sausages, which I have yet to do. You also have a blender for making smoothies. There are 6 speeds to this high powered motor. Since this is all in ONE gadget, it saves space on your kitchen counter. The only thing missing is a recipe book to get your started. However, a little research online will also do. I have never seen or used anything like this before!

  • ByBar***
  • Nov 07, 2017
I have always wanted to own a stand mixer but just never bought one. I am so glad I got this one.

Not only is it a mixer but it is also a blender and a sausage maker. With six speeds and a pulse function, you can mix up just about anything you can think of. There is one dial to operate all the functions. A glass 1.5 L blender pitcher for mixing up great drinks for those hot summer days is in the box.

Also included is a mixing bowl and cover (a favorite of mine as my daughter-in-law can get wild with her mixing sometimes when the family gets together!), dough hook, mixing blade, egg whisk, flexible beater, meat grinder and sausage maker. The mixer has a locking feature so the blades cannot “pop up” during mixing. Both the mixing bowel and the blender have locking notches. The stand itself has suction cups on the bottom and they really hold on to the counter.

The instruction booklet has good graphics so you know what each piece is used for and how it assembles for proper use. Just follow the instructions and you will be using this wonderful stand mixer in no time.

  • Byche***
  • Oct 31, 2017
very noisy and hard to keep the cover clean, but for the price, it's a great find. Love the scraping paddle for making cakes and frontings

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