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Finacial Security Explaination:


1. To consider customer finacial security, the website doesn't set cookie to track or remember customer's payment information. All shoppers should come to paypal or DHpay and finish the payment.

2. We fully respect shopper's rights and provide all products & service as described. Paypal and DHpay privacy terms, please refer to below details.

3.When you complete your payment, please confirm the payment reciever is named as 东莞市易家电器科技有限公司, not a personal account. Don't trust strange email, calls, and message about your payment. If you have any questions, please contact us first.

4. The website just provides products & service to all shoppers, we work with paypal and DHpay to help us finish payment service.


Payment Protection Terms:


1.Shopper Account Protection

If you report an unauthorized transaction problem within 60 days from the transaction date, we’ll investigate right away. You aren’t liable for unauthorized purchases made from your account.

2. Responsive Support

We're here to help. Tell us if you suspect strange activity, identity theft, or phishing and we’ll be on the case. Help us by forwarding any suspicious emails to so we can investigate.

3. Refunds

If an order doesn’t arrive or it doesn’t match the description, we’ll reimburse the full cost of eligible purchases plus original shipping.

You're Protected If:

1. You were charged for something you didn't purchase.

This may mean someone has used your account without your knowledge or approval. Report it within 60 days and PayPal will investigate. You will be covered by our $0 Liability for Eligible Unauthorized Transactions program.

2. Your order never arrives.

All you have to do is log in to your paypal account or criedit card and open a dispute to get the refund process started.

3. Your order arrives, but it's significantly different than it was described.

There are a variety of scenarios that meet this condition, for instance:

  • You received a completely different item. 
    Example: You purchased a book, but received a DVD.

  • The item is missing parts or features, and this was not disclosed. 
    Example: The listing said batteries included, but they weren't.

  • You purchased a specific quantity of an item, but received the wrong amount. 
    Example: You purchased five pairs of fuzzy dice and only received four.

  • The item was damaged en route to its destination. 
    Example: You bought a beautiful antique lamp, and it arrived in pieces.

  • You received a counterfeit version of the item.
    Example: You purchased a Rolex, but received a Faux-Lex.


For any enquiries if you choose DHpay for payment,you can contact:

Address: Old Street 167 City Road London, EC1V 1AW, UK