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Question: What is the SM-986 mixer made of, plastic or steel..? 
Answer:   This SM-986 Mixer is strong plastic housing, powerful metal gear transmission system in side. We are doing our best to make it more and more valuable for users.

Question: How heavy is the whole SM-986 mixer? What dimension is the height, the length?
Answer:   Its net weight is 14.3 lbs, gross weight is 16.7 lbs. Height: 14 inches in down position,    19 inches in up position. Depth: 15 inches, width: 9 inches.

Question: Where is the origin of the product? 
Answer:   China.

Question: Is this item UL listed?
Answer:   Yes, this SM-986 mixer is certificated with UL.

Question: How do you remove the mixer blades?
Answer:   You push them up and twist at the same time.

Question: I don't see the need for the splash guard for my use. Can I remove it and run the mixer without? 
Answer:   Yes, you can remove the splash guard and still run the mixer.

Question: Can this mixer handle thick cookie dough?
Answer:   Sure, if the cookie dough is too thick, please use the low speed.

Question: Is this machine noisy or loud?
Answer:   No louder than any other brand stand mixer.

Question: Does it reach the bottom of the bowl?
Answer:   No. But after mixing for a while the mix will mix itself. Has caused over mixing though. If you use the paddle with the plastic extension on it that can reach the bottom of the bowl.

Question: Will the mixer lift off from the stand so it can be used as a hand mixer?
Answer:   No. It's stationary. Its more or less the kind of mixer you want you get if your going to be doing a lot of baking. Whether it be cookies, cake, brownies or bread. If that's your thing then this is for you. Powerful and worth the money.